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Advanced Skin Clarity: Lumecca IPL Results

Powerful and Efficient:
Lumecca, the safest and strongest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device, offers 3X the peak power of traditional IPL devices, achieving full results in just 2-3 treatments compared to 4-8 with other devices.

Comprehensive Benefits:
This advanced treatment effectively eliminates sun damage, broken blood vessels, and tightens the skin, all in a single session.

Visible Improvement:
Experience radiant, clear, and tighter skin with fewer treatments, ensuring a faster path to your desired results.


Personalized Skin Care Solutions: Expert Treatment and Regimen

Tailored Care:
Many struggle with skin issues due to improper skin care. Our expert consultations offer personalized solutions, addressing unique skin concerns with precision.

Immediate and Long-Term Benefits:
After just one in-office procedure, clients see significant improvements. We provide a customized skin care regimen to maintain and enhance these results over time.

Professional Guidance:
Receive a comprehensive skin care plan designed specifically for your needs, ensuring optimal skin health and radiance.

Invest in expert care and top-quality products for lasting skin improvement and confidence. Experience the difference with our tailored approach.


Advanced Treatment for Sun Damage and Broken Blood Vessels

Optimal Timing:
Now is the perfect time to address sun damage and broken blood vessels on the face with Lumecca.

Powerful Technology:
Lumecca is the most advanced and safest photofacial treatment available, offering 3X the peak power of traditional IPL technology.

Efficient Results:
Achieve full results with just 2-3 monthly treatments, compared to the 5-8 sessions required by other machines.

Comprehensive Benefits:
This treatment effectively clears sun damage and vascular lesions, leaving your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

Experience the superior benefits of Lumecca for clearer, healthier skin.


Remarkable Skin Tightening with Forma

Jawline Contouring:
Forma effectively tightens and contours the jawline, providing a more defined appearance.

Delicate Area Treatment:
This treatment tightens the under-eye area, visibly reducing crow's feet and lifting cheeks and brows, while remodeling collagen and elastin fibers for overall skin improvement.

Client Favourite:
Forma is a popular choice due to its zero pain and no downtime, allowing clients to enjoy immediate and long-lasting results comfortably.

Experience the transformative benefits of Forma for a rejuvenated and youthful look.


Effective Double Chin Reduction: MiniFX Results

Targeted Treatment:
Say goodbye to your double chin with MiniFX. This image shows the impressive results after the 5th weekly session out of a 6-treatment course.

Spot Reduction Success:
MiniFX and BodyFX by Inmode effectively target and reduce fat in specific areas, challenging the myth that spot reduction is impossible.

Comprehensive Benefits:
In addition to reducing fat, these treatments also contour and tighten the skin, providing a smoother and more sculpted appearance.

Experience the transformative power of MiniFX for effective fat reduction and skin tightening.


Transformative Skin Lifting: Forma Facial Results

Immediate and Long-Term Benefits:
Forma Facial contracts collagen for instant tightening and lifting. It also stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin, ensuring long-term firmness and healthier skin.

Visible Improvements:
Zoom in to see the reduction in eye creases, nasal labial folds, jaw, and cheek lines. Noticeable improvements in skin texture, pore size, and overall softening are evident after just 4 of the recommended 6 weekly treatments.

Comfortable and Effective:
Experience significant skin rejuvenation with no downtime or pain, making it a favourite among clients for effective skin tightening and collagen induction.


Impressive Mid-Treatment Results: MiniFx for Double Chin Reduction

Mid-Treatment Progress:
This client is halfway through an 8-week MiniFx series for double chin reduction and skin tightening, currently on her 4th treatment.

Long-Term Benefits:
Results are already visible, but the full impact will develop over the next three months as dead fat cells are eliminated and collagen and elastin mature for lasting lift and tightening.

Treatment-Specific Results:
The noticeable improvements are solely due to the treatment, with no diet or exercise involved, demonstrating the effectiveness of MiniFx and Forma by Inmode for comprehensive facial and neck rejuvenation.

Experience transformative results with our advanced treatments for a firmer, more youthful appearance.