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1. Clearer Skin with Lumecca: Treatment Results

Effective and Safe:
Lumecca by Inmode is the strongest and safest IPL treatment available for eliminating broken capillaries and pigmentation from sun damage, hormones, rosacea, and microdermabrasion.

Advanced Technology:
The vascular lesions absorb the light pulses, causing the broken vessels to collapse. The body then replaces the damaged tissue with new capillary networks, resulting in radiant, clear, and tighter skin.

Comprehensive Benefits:
Achieve smoother, more even-toned skin with this powerful treatment, ideal for various skin concerns and ensuring long-lasting results.


2. Transforming Skin Clarity: Lumecca IPL in Action

Immediate Impact:
During a single Lumecca IPL session, vessels collapse and pigmentation rises to the surface, shedding naturally for clearer skin.

Innovative Technology:
Lumecca delivers up to three times more energy in the 500-600 nm range, effectively treating vascular and pigmented lesions while tightening collagen.

Holistic Benefits:
This non-invasive procedure not only addresses specific skin issues but also enhances overall skin texture and firmness.

Effortless Transformation:
Experience significant aesthetic improvements without any lifestyle changes, enjoying a seamless and effective skincare solution.


3. Advanced Skin Clarity: Lumecca IPL Results

Powerful and Efficient:
Lumecca, the safest and strongest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device, offers 3X the peak power of traditional IPL devices, achieving full results in just 2-3 treatments compared to 4-8 with other devices.

Comprehensive Benefits:
This advanced treatment effectively eliminates sun damage, broken blood vessels, and tightens the skin, all in a single session.

Visible Improvement:
Experience radiant, clear, and tighter skin with fewer treatments, ensuring a faster path to your desired results.


4. Advanced Treatment for Sun Damage and Broken Blood Vessels

Optimal Timing:
Now is the perfect time to address sun damage and broken blood vessels on the face with Lumecca.

Powerful Technology:
Lumecca is the most advanced and safest photofacial treatment available, offering 3X the peak power of traditional IPL technology.

Efficient Results:
Achieve full results with just 2-3 monthly treatments, compared to the 5-8 sessions required by other machines.

Comprehensive Benefits:
This treatment effectively clears sun damage and vascular lesions, leaving your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

Experience the superior benefits of Lumecca for clearer, healthier skin.